Accurate Rosters = Accurate Stats

The Saskatoon AFFL is committed to creating a football playing experience like no other. As part of that mission, we offer league stats for both individuals and teams. To make it as enjoyable perk we want to ensure our statisticians are accurate as possible. Here are a list of things that we require to ensure that our statisticians can be accurate:

-Upon registration, you register your correct jersey number and you do not switch it. If you have since changed your jersey number, have your team rep change it through our log in page.
-You ensure that your jersey has LARGE numbers on both the front and back
-If you are missing your jersey, kindly tape on LARGE numbers to a team coloured t-shirt (please note that all players do require their own team jersey and this is only acceptable barring agreement from other team and league officials)

If you have all that covered, you are well on your way to finding yourself a top the Saskatoon AFFL Leaderboards!

Your League, Your Fun!

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