Power Rankings

Week #

# Team Previous Record Comments
#1 Dingers 0-0 Undefeated, reining Competitive Champions......enough said.
#2 Blue Crush 0-0 Perennial Women's Powerhouse. No one has came close to these girls in 2 years.
#3 LongSnappers 0-0 2017 Rec. A Champs. Finally got to the top in 2017 and look to remain there.
#4 Jud's Studs 0-0 Loaded with young talent, looking to work their way up the AFFL in a hurry!
#5 Toads 0-0 2nd year in the AFFL, wrecked Rec B in 2017. Look for the Toads to challenge Rec A.
#6 Slingers 0-0 After losing two consecutive Comp. finals the Slingers hope to climb the mountain in 2018.
#7 Honey Badgers 0-0 Honey Badgers hope to regain their dominance.
#8 Demons 0-0 Dropping from Rec A the Demons are without a doubt one of the favourites in Rec B
#9 Crows 0-0 After a very successful 2017 Rec A campaign the Crows (Aztecs) look to build of last year.
#10 Whiskey Ducks 0-0 A young team loaded with talent, the Ducks look to prove they are as good as they look on paper.