Canadian Flag Football Rules

League Specific Rules:

Game Play:
  • All rules from the Canadian 5 on 5 Flag Football rule book will be used in this league.  The link to that rulebook is posted above.
  • Each game will consist of 2 - 20 minute halves.  The last two minutes of each game will be played in stop time format.  If a team is up by 25+ points runtime format will be played. Once in runtime, the clock will continue to run until the end of the game regardless what the point differential becomes.
  • In the final two minutes of the game, the clock will stop after a touchdown play concludes (it will not run during the convert play). It will resume once the bags are set for the next teams possession and the head referee whistles the clock in.
  • Stepping out of bounds in the back of the endzone and returning to play is allowed.  As well if a ball carrier steps out of the back of their own endzone it will not be considered a safety.  The reason for these adaptations is the size constraints of the endzone at our facility.  (Sasktel Centre Only)
  • Any ball that hits the wall in flight will be blown dead.  Including a snap.
  • Time outs will always stop the clock.
  • Flag guarding in your own endzone as a ball carrier will be a safety.
  • A player throwing the opposing teams flag after a tackle away from that player out of disrespect will be a 5 yard penalty and an automatic first down.  As this would be a dead ball penalty it will be applied to the end of the previous play.  This penalty is a judgment call from the referees and cannot be argued.
  • Standings tiebreakers for which teams make playoffs work in this order:

    1. Head to Head results
    2. Head to Head point differential
    3. Overall season point differential
    4. More points for
    5. More points against
    6. Coin Toss

  • All players must be registered to participate in 1 game.
  • The $15.00 registration fee is paid online so that teams that have an abnormally high number of subs don't have to pay out of pocket at the end of the year for that mandatory fee.
  • Each player participating in playoffs must have played in at least 6 games during regular season.  Exceptions can be made in events of travel or injury.  Please contact the league regarding a players circumstances once the team has learned of them.

  • All players must conduct themselves in a manor respectable to the facility and the league.
  • Any verbal or physical abuse to refs, league officials and other players is punishable by penalty, ejection and suspension.
  • These penalties are discretion of a) the official in a game b) the league coordinators in the event of a suspension.
  • There is no appeal process for these penalties, the interpretation of the offence will come from game day staff (score keepers/refs) and only the game day staff.
  • If multiple suspensions or incidents of the same variety occur from the same player the league holds the right to ban this particular player.