Canadian Flag Football Rules

League Specific/Important Rules:

Game Play:
  • All rules from the Canadian 5 on 5 Flag Football rule book will be used in this league.  The link to that rulebook is posted above.
  • Time outs always stop the game clock.  Inside the last two minutes of the 2nd half of play we will be playing with 'stop clock' rules.  
  • Flag guarding in your own endzone as a ball carrier will be a safety.
  • A player throwing the opposing teams flag after a tackle away from that player out of disrespect will be a 5 yard penalty and an automatic first down.  As this would be a dead ball penalty it will be applied to the end of the previous play.  This penalty is a judgment call from the referees and cannot be argued.
  • Illegal contact on defence will be a 5 yard penalty applied from the LOS and an automatic first down.
  • Defensive pass interference will be applied from the spot of foul and an automatic first down.

  • All players must be registered to participate in 1 game.
  • Each player participating in playoffs must have played in at least 6 games during regular season.  Exceptions can be made in events of travel or injury.  Please contact the league regarding a players circumstances once the team has learned of them.
  • Players can only play on 1 Men's or Women's team.  Players can play on 1 Co-ed team as well as 1 Men's or Women's team.
  • In the Co-ed league each team must have a minimum of 2 men and 2 women on the field at all times.

  • All players must conduct themselves in a manor respectable to the facility and the league.
  • Any verbal or physical abuse to refs, league officials and other players is punishable by penalty, ejection and suspension.
  • These penalties are discretion of a) the official in a game b) the league coordinators in the event of a suspension.
  • There is no appeal process for these penalties, the interpretation of the offence will come from game day staff (score keepers/refs) and only the game day staff.
  • If multiple suspensions or incidents of the same variety occur from the same player the league holds the right to ban this particular player.