League Story

Undefeated Rec. B Showdown Goes Down to Wire

SASKATOON (Rec B) It was a capacity crowd on hand Wednesday night for what appeared on paper to be two of the top teams in the league squaring off. Jud's Studs, the youthful team comprised mainly of talent from the Evan Hardy Souls, was challenging the experienced and always dangerous Bomb Squad. Both teams were undefeated going into this tilt, but only the better team would prevail.

It was released moments before this one had started that Bomb Squad Quarterback and General Manager Mark Feader would sit out the first place showdown game with an undisclosed situation. Bomb Squad elected to take the ball after winning the toss as they knew this would be an offensive battle and they would have to get the job done without their starting QB.

After stalling Bomb Squad on their first drive, Jud's Studs would get right to work as Quarterback Mason Nyhus went 4 for 4 down the field and opened the scoring with a touchdown pass to standout receiver Kyle Newton. Nyhus would find Newton twice more in the opening half and Jud's Studs would hold a 19-13 lead into the half.

"We just knew we had to get after them early. I am confident in our receivers and I am confident that I can find them. Bomb Squad is a great team and worthy opponent and that's why we talked about getting an early jump on them", said Nyhus in an AFFL on-field interview after the game.

Although Bomb Squad was missing their star Quarterback, Aaron Wignes did a fantastic job at stepping in as the second stringer. He was able to avoid the rush and most of all find his targets often. One of his main targets on the night was former Hilltop stand out receiver Todd Aramenko. Aramenko had 5 receptions for 55 yards and a TD. Wignes was able to find the scat back on short passes and then Aramenko would turn on the jets to make guys miss.

Knotted up at 25 and after a huge defensive stand, Jud's Studs had the opportunity to a storybook ending as they got the ball on their 5 with under a minute left in the game. Mason Nyhus went right back to work and went on a 5 play drive managing the clock wonderfully. A receiver who was quiet and sleeveless all game long, Caleb Morin, came up big when he needed to on the final two plays. He caught back to back passes, with the second being a touchdown toss with time expiring on the game clock.

"I knew that we didn't have a lot of time and had to get out of bounds. Mase (Nyhus) told us to get out of bounds and that's what I did," said Morin. "On the last play, I just really wanted that ball. When I went up for it, I knew I had to come down with it for the guys. It was a great toss by Mase (Nyhus) and I was just happy to finish this game with a win."

It should be noted that Jud's Studs receiver Kyle Newton (4 touchdowns) left the bench late in the second half with an undisclosed lower body injury. After a brief departure, he did return and was on the field for the winning drive. After the game, he appeared to be leaving the field with a mild limp and could be a game time decision for week 5.

This game went right down to the wire and absolutely lived up to be an outstanding selection for Feature Game of the Week.


Mason Nyhus (Jud's Studs) - 21 completions for 198 yards and 5 TDs

Kyle Newton (Jud's Studs) - 11 receptions for 110 yards and 4 TDs

Todd Aramenko (Bomb Squad) - 5 Receptions for 55 yards and 1 TD


Week 5 The Bomb Squad will take on The Raiders at 7:30pm at Whitecap

Week 5 Jud's Studs looks to stay undefeated against The Hosers at 10:30pm at Whitecap.