League Story


In Saskatchewan, the Roughriders reign supreme in the football world. In the Saskatoon AFFL, the Probacks are arguably the most notable team. A roster built on former post-secondary stand-outs like Mitch Hillis and Drew Burko, that plugs offseason losses with ease. Their most notable offseason acquisitions were adding former Huskies quarterbacks Kyle Siemens and Jeremy Long.

Despite only having a 5-man squad in week one, Team D, led by athlete Mitch Friesen, took control of the game against the Probacks. They were faster, more precise, and more focused. After a shaky first half, Mitch Hillis caught an absolute prayer from Drew Burko to cap off a tight first half, seemingly giving the Probacks a much needed momentum boost.

Team D's fatigue was in question after the disastrous end to the half, and with no substitutions available, they had to buckle down. They came out firing in the second half. with Joel Lipinski and Chris Friesen clamping the opposing offense. Mitch Friesen's scramble ability frustrated the Proback's pass rush, and eventually their entire defense.

Team D was finding wide open touchdowns off of quarterback scrambles, frustrating the Probacks. Once the dust had settled, Team D came out on top by 15, a shock to most. They made a name for themselves and put the league on notice, proving that they should be considered favourites to win the Rec-A divsion.

For the Probacks, no one should be even remotely concerned. One bad loss does not define the season, especially in week one, however, the Probacks do need to focus on themselves as opposed to the external variables. They were often arguing with Team D or the referees inbetween plays, seemingly throwing them off their game.

This is a legitimate future finals match-up, that should be fun to keep an eye on as the season goes by. Should we be worried about the Probacks? No. Should they still be favourites in Rec-A? No.