League Story


The Saskatoon AFFL is an offensive minded league often having teams score at least 20 points per game. However, Balls Depp in the Rec C division have only given up 6 total points in the first quarter of the season. That equates to 2 points a game, which is absolutely insane.

They dominate in all three facets of the defensive game, pass rushing, tackling, and pass defending. The individual statistics further prove their utter video-game-esque performance thus far. They have racked up 13, yes 13, interceptions in three games, including a whopping 8 interceptions in week three.

Colins Key (4), Michael Prebble (3), and Kevin Leuschen (3), rank in the top three in the C Division. It is also important to note that Collins Key leads the division with 13 tackles. Pass rushing wise, nobody does it better than Scott Trainor. He's racked up 3 sacks in the first three games, the next closest has just 1.

Aside from the defense, Balls Deeps has scored 97 total points, averaging just over 30 ppg, putting them at 2nd in the division. Essentially, not only will they suffocate you on defense, they will also drive the ball down your throat and blow you out. They frustrate opposing quarterbacks by locking down the receivers while getting constant pressure, forcing the quarterback to throw before the play develops.

It is important to note that the second best defense in the entire Saskatoon AFFL have giving up 33 total points (11 ppg), making Balls Deep far and away the #1 defense in the league. It will be interesting to see how long they can keep it up and if any team will solve their scheme.