League Story


The Saskatoon AFFL is focused on creating competitive leagues with even balanced teams. This was shown at the conclusion of Week 6 when four teams were rearranged in order to even the playing field. The mid-season shift was inevitable, after a pre-season meeting decided it was necessary to create more competitive games.

The change was welcomed by many, as certain teams were seemingly dominating their respective divisions with ease. The alignment, saw two very successful teams, move up a division. On the other end, it also saw two weaker teams be bumped down into lower divisions.

Balls Deep was undefeated, sitting at 6-0, and showed no signs of letting up on their opponents. They moved from Rec C into Rec B, where in Week 7, they continued their defensive success, beating Code Blue 37-12. Bomb Squad, however, did not adjust to the change as easily. Coming down from Rec A, Bomb Squad was staggering into the mid-season point with just one win under their belt. The change forced them out of a difficult division which is built with both former Competitive and Rec A teams from previous years. In lue of their star receiver, Hayden Sabadash, they fell to the Demons, 21-14.

The Raiders, who were 17-1 in their last 18 regular season Saskatoon AFFL games, were moved from Rec B to Rec A after a scorching 5-1 start. However, missing their star quarterback, Matthew Okrainec, they got molly-wopped by Team D, 45-0. Team D is believed to be the favourites to win Rec A, which makes the loss easier to understand. A team used to taking control of their opponent early, missing their star passer, against the best team in the entire league.

The Cobras, who have struggled mightily in the Saskatoon AFFL, were winless in their last 18 regular season games. They were forced into Rec C, coming off a tough 0-6 start in Rec B. They matched up with The Brown Paper Bag Boys, in what was a nail-biter all the way down to the wire. They pulled off the victory in thrilling fashion, winning 28-27. They rounded out the realignment games, which saw the teams go a combined 2-2. Although some teams were better off than others, the change is seemingly working out as everyone hoped it would. Teams moving up a division 1-1, the same record as teams moving down.

The change makes playoff seeding based on current division winning percentage, making these final 5 weeks more important than ever. With such a small sample size of games left, teams are going to have to make the most of their opportunities.