League Story


Will Blue Crush Slip Up?

Blue Crush has been the most dominant team in the past two years in the AFFL. Not only are they riding on a win streak that extends beyond three separate flag seasons, but they also claimed gold at the Football Canada Flag Nationals this summer. Their ability to control games from start to finish, regardless of whether they have 5 or 10 players is second to none. Quarterback, Alex Eyolfson leads the division in passer rating (169). With a solid quarterback, multiple dependable receivers including Blake Geier, Olivia Woo, and Haley Girolami, and an air-tight defense, they are setup for another undefeated season. Can they complete their third straight season without suffering a loss?

What Will The Huskies Look Like With a Full Squad?

The Huskies are 3-1 and sit atop the competitive standings as of right now. However, their only loss came with a full roster. Their defense is porous and their offense is reliant on the big play, but they are undefeated when playing with six or less players. Quarterback, Ethan Watson has embraced the role of QB1 when initial starter Mason Nyhus is absent. His ability to extended the play with his legs is his most valuable asset. His go to targets, Daniel Perry (21 receptions for 282 yards) and Caleb Morin (6 touchdowns) have been the engine that drives this potent offense. Regardless, their defense needs some work. Nixen Voll has been the star of the show for them after single-handedly leading them to their first win over the Slingers in week 3. If their secondary can adjust their zone-coverage to attain to two-quarterback systems, this team could be the one to take down the Probacks.

Who Will Have the Better Second Half of the Season, Feader of Lovelace?

Rec-B has been controlled by the top two teams, Ballers and Bomb Squad. They are both high-flying offenses led by two very different quarterback styles. Feader is an AFFL legend and has been dominating the league for years with his accurate passing and on-target reads. Lovelace took the division by storm in week 1 with his ability to extend plays with his legs. Both rank near the top in every major passing category. They boast the top offenses in the divsion. In the first meeting, Feader's Bomb Squad squeaked out the win, 33-27, after throwing for 247 and 5 touchdowns, while Lovelace threw for 207 and 4 majors. It was a battle for first, but Bomb Squad has had a couple slip-ups since. A final match-up between these two would not only be entertaining, it is also the most likely scenario at this point in the season.